Free yourself! No irritating wrist or shoulder straps. No holding your phone or stuffing your pockets. Trust your essentials to HK - cell, passport, cash, credit cards, ID, keys, sunglasses, lip balm - organized and accessible. Our hands-free, snatch-resistant HK locks securely to ANYTHING - waistband, pocket, yoga pants, running shorts, even a dress - no belt or belt-loops required!

What our clients say

Whaaat?? This is genius! Why didn’t I think of that! This should be on Shark Tank! We hear this non-stop, all day long at every festival that we sell HK. Now we’re bringing the awesomeness and ingenuity to the web - shop here and save! Share with your friends and save more!!
This says happy hour all over it!
I travel internationally and wear my HK exclusively. It's perfect because it's not a target.
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