About us

Jane & Sans

Welcome to hipkache.com! We are Sans & Jane Emmert and have been happily selling the HK line of products at festivals since 2012. Our customers love them, and always ask, "Can we get more of these online?” Finally we can say, "Yes!” We are excited to now offer these unique and ingenious products online, with the added opportunity for our beloved customers to share hipkache.com with friends and earn credit toward free merchandise.

The Locking Klips

All products on hipkache.com use the super-secure, snatch-resistant, patented hipklip technology developed by Sans’ cousin, Allison Carmack. The klips lock strongly to any fabric without damaging it. The interlocking teeth integrate so strongly with the fabric, that once locked, it becomes nearly impossible for anyone to pull it off. Plus each pouch is secured with two of them! The klips may resemble suspender or mitten clips, but are much stronger. Each stainless steel klip is tested to 100 lbs of pulling resistance, making the connection almost always stronger than the fabric itself. What makes the klips truly awesome is that you can lock them onto nearly ANYTHING without the need for a belt or belt-loops! You’ll also have the option of a variety of faceplate designs, like flip-flops, peace signs or ying-yang, making it fun to personalize your purchase or even to try two different designs on one pouch.

The Kache’ (Kash-ay) - a secure hiding place for your treasures.

Each pouch has three pockets with an open slip pocket on one side and two zipper compartments on the other. Most prefer to wear it with the open pocket against their body, creating a hidden slip pocket for their cell phone, making it both highly accessible and secure. The larger zipper compartment is also large enough to hold a cell phone and many of the available fabrics are water resistant, making it a great place for your phone when it’s raining or while getting splashed at the beach or pool. A passport also fits nicely in the larger zipper compartment making hipkache.com items ideal for travel, especially given the extreme security of the klips. The smaller zipper compartment nicely holds cash, credit cards, ID, drivers license, lip balm, gum, lens cleaners, hand sanitizer, floss card and so forth. All your essentials securely locked to your hip - highly organized and accessible! A small lever on the back of each klip allows for securely hanging keys directly by the key ring. There’s even an elastic tab on the side of each kache’ - a great place for hanging your sunglasses or reading glasses without stuffing them inside! For sporting events or concerts, the pouch may be flipped the other way, putting the open slip pocket on the outside - perfect for hands-free access to your water bottle, soda or beer! Pouches come in small, medium or large - your choice based mostly on cell phone size.

Together - the clips and pouch make a perfect way to securely carry your most essential items without an annoying cross body strap, wristlet or stuffing your pockets. Just clip-lock and go!

Specialty Uses

The HipKache’ is unisex and guys love them too, especially if you have a larger phone and are wearing designer pants or shorts with smaller pockets. HipKache’ is ideal for many special applications such as when one needs to always have access to an epi-pen, insulin pump, glucose monitor or concealed weapon. Each HipKache’ will nicely hold two cell phones - one in the slip pocket and the other zipped in, creating a perfect solution for those needing a work and personal phone at all times. It’s hard to imagine a better way to travel and keep your valuables secure, organized and accessible!

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