The klip is extremely secure. Snatch-resistance is one of HK’s greatest benefits! Klips are tested up to 100 pounds of pulling force, and you’ve got two of them! They are designed to interlock, integrating with the fabric, making the connection usually as strong as the fabric itself. This thing isn’t coming off until you take it off!
All of our synthetic materials are highly water resistant. You don’t want to submerge the pouch with your phone in it, because water can seep through the seams and zippers. The cotton pouches are not waterproof, but offer some protection - just like when you have your phone in your pocket.
The klip will last a long time provided it’s only clipped onto a thin pliable material like the fabric of your waistband. Do not clip it onto a thick, rigid belt. The teeth are designed to interlock into fabric. If you’re going to wear a belt, simply put your HK on your waistband first, then place your belt over the top of the clips. This is the ultimate in security for traveling, because no one can get to the klips to unlock them.
We have a pouch for just about every phone on the market!
Small: 5.25” wide x 6” length
Medium: 5.75” wide x 7” length
Large: 6” wide x 8” length
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